Monday, March 03, 2008

Eating Fast Food at Wendy's Could Kill You

It's not just fat grams you need to watch in West Palm Beach fast food spots anymore...better start counting the bullets as well.

Seven people were shot today in Wendy's during the lunch hour when a well dressed gentleman (armed of course because this is Florida where we have laws specifically written to encourage that) opened fire, killing one person, wounding five, before turning the gun on himself. With three of those victims in critical condition the final death count is unknown.

All this from one 9mm handgun. Of course let's not forget to give tribute where tribute is due. The lame duck award goes to our governor, representatives, and congressmen who do nothing to stop the violence from guns spreading over the sunshine state. Why? This is why. Those bullets pay for a lot of Tallahassee and Washington business lunches.

If guns don't kill then we need to start taking a close look at the lunatics holding them because somehow these innocent guns are being walked out of homes and into our lives.

We, the unarmed of Florida, have become target practice for a new breed of gun extremists loose in America. Under all that rhetoric blaspheming the Second Amendment is the ugly truth of it....human beings are now their favorite Bulls Eye.


Anonymous said...

It is way time that Florida start to admit there is a problem with guns.

wilson said...

We need to ban guns in this country.