Friday, January 30, 2009

Sharks & Nudes Threaten South Florida Beaches

Locals are in a fluff over a nude beach advocate asking Broward officials to oppose any legislation that would oppose nude beaches. Citing the international visitors that prefer to doff their dudds, the theory is it's good for tourism. Supposedly Haulover Beach makes 400 to 800 million a year thanks to those naked butts. Yeah, I'm sure male heads are nodding in agreement with that economic philosophy as they head out with their digital cameras to Haulover this weekend. Vote if you like, nude or not nude.

Keeping right in line with concerns over tourists' fannies would be the deluge of spinner sharks spotted migrating around Singer Island, forcing beaches to
close there, as well as in Palm Beach.

So nudists if you plan on visiting these Florida shores you would be wise not only to keep an eye out for the sharks in the water, but also for the ones that you just might trip over walking down the beach.