Sunday, January 31, 2010

Hottest South Florida Hotels

With Super Bowl weekend right around the corner you might want to check out the list of the hottest hotels to be found anywhere in South Florida.

At the top of the list is the Epic Hotel, 54 stories worth of Bay and Miami skyline views. But if it's sail shaped night lit spectacle doesn't send you you could always try the Ritz Carlton on Ft. Lauderdale beach. Every room at the Ritz has an ocean or intracoastal view, with a 29,000-square-foot sundeck on the 27th floor complete with an infinity pool, private cabanas and a bar. Or like Truman used to do make your way down to Islamorada to visit the famous & now renovated historic (1946)Cheeca Lodge which would be my preference. So check out the hottest South Florida hotel list for yourself right here.
Now all you have to do is afford it.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Super Bowl Party Guide

Super Bowl is on it's way & South Florida is in a buzz.

So here is your guide to which parties you want to be seen at & never will, the ones that everyone can get in including your crackhead grandmother and beer guzzling golden retriever.

You can forget crashing the GQ Party at the Bud Light Hotel & don't hold your breath waiting for an invite to the Maxim Party at the Raleigh in South Beach. But if you don't mind shelling out anywhere from 350. to 850. you can make it inside Leather & Laces which boasts the sexiest Super Bowl Party (see last years shindig below), or for a mere 1000K join Hef and his bunnies at the Sagamore.

Or stay home with the retriever & friends & have your own Super Bowl party. Gee, such decisions...

Monday, January 25, 2010

Killer Goggles

Have you seen these?
If you have you'll want to contact Boca Police with any info that may help solve the Boca Town Center Mall killings of Nancy Bochicchio and her 7 year old daughter. Boca Police need help to identify the make or manufacturer of the yellow-framed, plastic goggles with removable black lenses and a black elastic headband which were left on the victims back in Dec. 12, 2007. Mother & daughter were found shot to death in their black SUV in the Town Center parking lot, bound with plastic ties, handcuffs, with one of them wearing the swim goggles. They were last seen leaving, walking into the mall parking lot in the middle of the afternoon just a few days before the little girl's birthday. Just 4 months earlier, a woman and her toddler were abducted from the same mall, taken to an ATM to withdraw money, found bound in their car, but survived. There's been criticism that Boca police have too much Mizner attitude, too little detective know how....the serial mall killer still hasn't been found. But forget that, if you can help, call Detective Jeff Clare at 561-338-1246 or Crimestoppers at 800-458-8477.

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Florida on Ice

Snow in Orlando with flurries expected in North Palm Beach...Governor declares weather emergency due to freezing temps causing agricultural disaster...frost on the windshields and frozen iguanas falling from trees (don't pick them up & drive them to the wild life shelter because they will recover en route...think Jurassic Park venom spitting Dilophosauruses and you get the idea).

South Floridians are in full panic mode. What do we wear when we can't use flip flops or tank tops? We own maybe three sweaters, some sweathoods and one maybe two leather jackets and that's just for show. Crisis, pure crisis. Here South Beachers spend their entire lives making sure there isn't a single layer of fat to ruin a bathing suit only to find out they could be frozen solid as a result. Just the idea of switching from the a/c to a heat cycle is unnerving especially when you can't remember how to do it.

So God if you're listening please bring back the iced lattes & mojitos, cancer growing sun rays and jungle humidity...just stop torturing us with temps under 70 degrees.