Sunday, May 18, 2008

Better Than Sex?

There is a new dessert restaurant opening in Key West called Better Than Sex, offering such specialties as Pumpin Pie and Pop My Cherry Cheesecake. It's said to be shocking even to the Key Westers because up until now the only thing they thought better than sex was fishing.

But for those of you who really want to check out some of the best authentic Florida Keys desserts you can make at home just clink on the link and get started. There are also some interesting recipes for Gator tacos and Green Iguana Soup in case you are into a more balanced diet.
As for me, I will stick with the key lime pie recipe or even better run out to Cold Stone Creamery for the best ice cream on the planet.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Burma Dies, We Watch

Millions of people are starving to death in Burma and somehow the most powerful nations in the world are helpless in a silent death watch. Or should I say they act helpless.

Since when did diplomatic etiquette take precedence over courage and integrity?

We can commit to a war in Iraq for the next five years where we are not wanted....but we turn a deaf ear to a nation crying for help. A nation where monks are gunned down, villages burnt to the ground, and where disease and starvation are killing over a million people. The genocide of the Burmese occurs with the silent conspiracy of the western nations, and the impotent United Nations.

Still we plan on holding the Olympics in a nation that supports the butcherers of the Burmese. Our own president is planning on attending.

The dying people of Burma have become the shame of our planet.