Wednesday, October 01, 2008


Looking for ways to boost your own personal economic depression? You may have to look no further than your own backyard...garage...bathroom. Yes sir just take those seeds of doubt and let them sprout into your very own cannabis garden of delight South Florida style! This is the perfect climate to grow that special variety of Mean Miami Green, and no better time than these humid summer, fall, winter, spring months. Year round opportunities.

No need to wait it out for Sarah Palin to grow a brain, nor wait for the Congress or House to save Main Street. Why hell, you could own Main street if your crop of green does well, as a good number of Florida developers have found to be evidently so over the years. But you never know, so just a caution should you decide to play Farmer Bob... be advised that the family who grows pot together just might end up in court together.

Still, think of the bonding....why even little ole Abuela can lend a helping hand with the watering can.