Monday, January 25, 2010

Killer Goggles

Have you seen these?
If you have you'll want to contact Boca Police with any info that may help solve the Boca Town Center Mall killings of Nancy Bochicchio and her 7 year old daughter. Boca Police need help to identify the make or manufacturer of the yellow-framed, plastic goggles with removable black lenses and a black elastic headband which were left on the victims back in Dec. 12, 2007. Mother & daughter were found shot to death in their black SUV in the Town Center parking lot, bound with plastic ties, handcuffs, with one of them wearing the swim goggles. They were last seen leaving, walking into the mall parking lot in the middle of the afternoon just a few days before the little girl's birthday. Just 4 months earlier, a woman and her toddler were abducted from the same mall, taken to an ATM to withdraw money, found bound in their car, but survived. There's been criticism that Boca police have too much Mizner attitude, too little detective know how....the serial mall killer still hasn't been found. But forget that, if you can help, call Detective Jeff Clare at 561-338-1246 or Crimestoppers at 800-458-8477.

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