Sunday, March 16, 2008

Calle Ocho Party Time

Today Calle Ocho turns a ripe 30 years old. If you are young enough, wanna be drunk enough, and don't mind the crowd or hot sun, head down to Flagler for Miami's biggest block party of the year. Over 1 million people will be heading down to SW 8 Street to sway their hips to the sounds of 16 stages to include Harry Connick Jr., Flo Rida, Wyclef Jean and Herbie Hancock.

Plenty of warm beer, mojitos, traffic, arepas, and empanadas for the entire conga line. Just think, if Castro had not been such a jerk none of us here would have ever learned to dance salsa, appreciate a perfectly prepared tamale (this can only be found at Don Arturos by the way), or drive Cuban style.

Muchos gracias to our South Florida Latinos for teaching this state how to party...

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