Sunday, February 03, 2008

An Everglades Sunset

For some the last stop is a hospital room, a hospice bed, a bloodied car wreckage. But if you had a chance to end it your way, exactly what way would that be?

For one man his last moment on earth was deep inside the desolate mystery of the excruciating isolated yet beautiful Everglades National Park in Flamingo Park. Exactly where no one knows for the only thing they found of Brian Renton was a suicide note to his family, his truck, a canoe, and an empty gun case (well, this is Florida). Dying of stomach cancer and without insurance he bid a farewell to those he loved and returned to the wild loneliness of Flamingo where he trudged through the mangroves of Whitewater Bay to take his last breath.

Flamingo is the park where no matter where you drive each mangrove finger looks pretty much like the one before. Where the key deer roam free through the sawgrass and the python swallows the alligator, and the only thing bigger would be the mosquitoes.

Where the incredibly stunning sunset at the end of the day promises that quiet infinity hungry souls long for....

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Neal Ford said...

Hi Kraziquban,

Did you know Brian, or were you just inspired by his story?

He was my cousin. Thank you for posting the article. The link is dead, but if you wanted to keep the story going I would be happy to post the article on one of my pages, and you can update the link.