Thursday, August 20, 2009

Green Mambas & Mambos

Let's welcome the latest exotic species to invade our South Flo lands...that would be none other than the venomous green mamba snake, the snake with a bite that can kill even faster a case of road rage. Today in Hollywood a cable worker was bitten by a green tree snake with a yellow belly (not to be confused with the similar emerald green tree boas) when he leaned against a coconut palm. He didn't die but came a little close so now the hunt is on for green mambas. Imagine if they cross breed with the golden pythons, what a movie that would make as we all run for the Georgia line.
But if you are, as I am, more concerned about your lack of mambo expertise than you are about mambas falling out of trees try the Mambo con Cache dance school.
Better to get your Sou Flo priorities right... you can always duck the mambas, but it's a lot harder to fake the mambo.


Gringo Louco said...

It looks harmless enough...

Mason said...

It's the black mamba that can kill you real quick. The green one is not as deadly.