Monday, August 10, 2009

Crocosaurus Dies

Miami's Jungle Island is grieving for the loss of it's forty-seven year old, 2,000 pound crocodile otherwise known as Hank. Sad to say, this son of an Asian & Saltwater crocodile was found at the bottom of his tank Saturday, well on his way to croco heaven where he gets to eat all the chickens he wants.

Hank didn't have many friends over the years, believed to be the largest of his kind in the world, because who wants to swim with a twenty foot crocodile, but he had one, a turtle named Frank who feared him not & will miss him.
Not to worry, the way South Florida breeds reptiles, there will soon be another Hank coming up the ranks.

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Lydia said...

That's no crocosaurus, that's my mother in law.