Friday, February 04, 2011

Plantation Acres Says No to Pigs

Plantation Acres is a beautiful pricey
equestrian community in the city of west Plantation with custom and semi-custom homes going upwards of 3 million. Keep your horse in the backyard, and your car collection in the 10 car garage.  There great schools, nearby Sawgrass Mall, an Equestrian Center, and at neighborhood Volunteer Park there are 85 acres of boardwalks, wetlands, nature trails, and bridle paths. There are also pigs.

Oinkers. Big ones. Feral hogs. Wild boars with tusks capable of goring one to death, now using those tusks to  rout through yards, scavenging for food. A family of hungry pigs can reduce a meticulously landscaped home, golf course, or club grounds to an ugly mound of mud and holes. Not happy about Plantation Acres being a hog's paradise,  homeowners are fighting back using a trapper. Might be a losing battle given their ability to reproduce from as young as 10 months, and produce several litters a year. No wonder they're hungry.

On the positive side perhaps the good people of Plantation Acres need to give some thought as to the potential business revenue of opening a few roadside barbecue huts along Hiatus Road...although my personal preference still remains an excellent tamale with fresh lime.

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