Sunday, December 19, 2010

No Boobs in Boca

What is art...who knows? Most of us would hesitate before answering, humbled by what we don't know, only awed by what we've been given over the ages. It's been said that art is the signature of civilizations, perhaps a belief the city of Boca Raton does not subscribe to. Ask local South Florida sculptress Mary Eiland whose marble carved nude female torsos were removed from public display by a park director at Patch Reef Park who cited the art as 'inappropriate'. Art in Public Places regulations allow the city to reject any artwork considered inappropriate for public display, although there is no specific criteria except it appears art in Boca better not contain any tatas. Boca is well known for it's lovely landscaped streets, luxurious high end homes...let's hope it doesn't get an equally well deserved reputation for being a cultural wasteland.

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Anonymous said...

Save the tatas!!!