Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Florida the Pain Clinic State

Time to replace the mockingbird and orange blossoms. Forget the sunshine, assault weapons and mortgage fraud market! South Florida ingenuity is giving tourism a real boost, drawing regular visitors from Kentucky, Ohio, West Virginia, and Tennessee.

Broward county is now gaining a new notoriety, that of numero uno when it comes to pain clinics. Word is out, if you want to get your hands on oxycodone or percocet all you need to do is cross that Tallahassee line. It's like Disneyworld for pharmaceutical drug addicts with 100 pain clinics in the Ft. Lauderdale area alone.
Of course some of the kinks have to be worked out. Liked the problem with a thousand deaths in South Florida from prescription overdoses in 2008 alone.
Florida just passed a law creating a statewide database to monitor prescription sales in these clinics and prevent doctor shopping. Only problem is although the law takes effect Wednesday, it will be next year before the database is operational.
So for right now Florida will continue to lead the nation in oxycodone sales...and deaths.


Marilyn said...

Are you kidding? Drive down Oakland or Commercial and all you see are these oxy shops. Amazing they remain open even after this.

tony said...

Hey mon! Florida #1!!!!!!