Thursday, March 05, 2009

Python Wrestling

Just what Florida needs to bring back tourists to Ft. Lauderdale...the sport of python wrestling. Coming soon on Pay Per View we now have twenty foot pythons weighing in at over 250 pounds as they battle wildlife biologists.
Florida is now training wildlife officials in the fine art of snake wrestling since those megasnakes seem determined to make their way down the into the Keys, no doubt heading for a cold beer at Sloppy Joes.

Apparently a lot of python owners let their cute little wigglies loose once they got big enough to devour the family dog, and now they are growing in numbers so high it's considered an invasion. Kind of like the mortgage brokers that infiltrated South Florida two years ago.

And although pythons are known to prefer wild Key deer, we'll be taking no chances here in Weston...from now on the chubby chihuahua will be taking his leisurely strolls in the backyard only with a body guard.


Gringo Louco said...

Juanito can take em!

Harrison said...

Want to see my big python?

ronaldthedonald said...

What about combining bikini mud wrestling with the python wrestling idea? Now that sounds like a good idea if I ever heard one.

Kraziquban said...
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JERRY said...

Does anyone remember the old serpentarium? I don't know if it's still around but that place was amazing.