Monday, December 31, 2007

Casting out Comcast

Nothing short of an exorcism will rid me of my Comcast curse. Earlier this month I signed up for their advertised triple play (internet/phone/tv) offering of $163.00/month for a year. In doing so I authorized them to take my current phone with AT&T for the new phone line. God forgive me once you have sold your soul there is no way to get it back.


Of course when the installer came out he indicated it would be extra $$$ for this, extra $$$ for that, and no, there was only one cable box. So I canceled the non existent bargain before it was even installed, pointing out Comcast advertising was fraudulent and I wanted my number back. Customer Service assured me they were not going to do anything funky with my phone line since installation was "declined". I still was spooked after reading consumer after consumer complaint of strange Comcast encounters, wishing I had checked them out before hand but nothing happened after that. At least nothing for two weeks.

Nothing until today that is when a Comcast installer showed up to "run my lines", showing me an order on his electronic work pad. He even refused to leave saying he had a legal right to access the property even though we pointed out the public easement was not on our property. It took a big dog (no, not the Chihuahua) in the backyard and police presence for him to leave. I have no doubt he will be back in an effort to install an unauthorized, canceled cable phone line at some future point.

Of course Comcast insists they know nothing about any line being run, and could only advise me to calm down and stop swearing, of which I chose to do neither. I did file a complaint with the Florida Public Service Commission for slamming, which is the official term for stealing phone services a la Comcast style.

But for any foolhardy individuals who think they can bargain with the devil, here is my special Comcast link, just like I promised Louis & Dorothy, & a few other moronic totally useless customer service reps so plaguing Florida these can find the devil himself at Telefraudcast. Please tell them I sent you. Just be careful they don't give you their triple special too.

So beware fellow Americans with satellite & slow DSL....there is something out there far worse. You know what they say about the devil, best never to invite him in. But it is too late, and now I find myself in need of an exorcist. Anyone knowing how to get rid of the Comcast curse please contact me. I will gladly pay for any chickens or goats we might need.


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